April 15, 2016 was Friday and also rained and at 8:30 in the same season I remember when she ran to meet her true love. She laughed again, but louder.
A year change in many ways and 2016 was the year that I forgot and most pained but at the same time was the year in which she learned to live truly.
The wind was blowing, the humidity and the lights of the city made her feel in a movie scene, in which the protagonists are in the present and suddenly a scene opens and they see their past. Luna felt proud of what she was today, because although she had let all those feelings go because they were not real, she thought it was okay to remember them for a second, because she could see in a beautiful way how she grew up, understood the bad moves That one can give oneself because one wants oneself and does not see it, understood that the things that once believed were absurd, they do not exist and they were not worth it because there were countless more important things that were worthwhile and understood that the Happiness was something else. Each one makes his own happiness and there are millions of things that one can do to feel it, it is simple. That moment passed and Luna continued walking was April 15, 2017 at 8:31 pm.



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